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Aurora+ Seed Germination Kit


Aurora+ Seed Germination Kit

An ideal germination environment cocoons your seeds in evenly distributed heat and hydration, allowing them the ideal conditions to flourish. Certain seeds can be very expensive or require lengthy periods of incubation to germinate, leaving them vulnerable. Aurora+ is an energy-efficient, highly effective, and safe place to start your seeds. Eliminating environmental stress during this critical process can aid in yielding a strong healthy plant.

What's In The Box?

  • 1 Aurora+
  • 1 USB-C cord
  • 1 USB-C wall plug 
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 pipette 
  • 4 silicone stick-on feet for thermal efficiency
  • 1 bag of cotton pads
  • 1 foam USB protector

Technical Specifications

Aurora+ is approximately 5.375"(13.65cm)L x 3.75"(9.525cm)W x 1"(2.54cm)H

There are 12 pods per unit, each 25mm in diameter and approximately 10mm deep

The product packaging of the Aurora+ is:

5.5"(13.97cm)L x 4"(10.16cm)W x 2.5"(6.35cm)H


Nature is not perfect, and our product is recommended for use as part of a cultivation strategy. Please consult our instructions and FAQs before purchase or use.

The Home of Aurora+

Easy To Use

Aurora+ is as simple as hydrate, select temperature and go. Our website offers simple instructions and germination tips, enabling anyone to be an at-home seed starter!

Durable Construction

Aurora+ is made from powder-coated, die-cast aluminum with high thermal conductivity, allowing for a durable product that surrounds your seeds in warmth.

Perfect for long term germinators

The pericarp or outside 'skin' of a seed is what often lies at the heart of a challenging germination. The Aurora+ plays a criritcal role, surrounding each seed in evenly distributed heat and hydration, providing the best chance to break through that pericarp.


Germination Pros Know 

Rootnerds is the exclusive home for Aurora+ Seed Germination products across the United States, Canada, Mexico and coming soon to the EU and UK. Professionals and amateurs alike trust the Aurora+ to give hard to start seeds the best chance possible. 

How It Works


The Aurora+ utilizes ceramic heating elements inside of a die cast aluminum body to surround each pod in gentle, even heat. Grooves in the sides allow for passive air flow throughout 12 germination pods.

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