Instructions and Cleaning

Keeping Aurora+ Clean

To clean the lid and germination pods, use a mild vinegar/distilled water solution OR isopropyl alcohol/ distilled water (max 70% iso) with a cotton swab, lint-free cloth, or soft bristle toothbrush. If you're using hydrogen peroxide in your germination or cleaning solution, never exceed a maximum strength of 2 parts distilled water to 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide (resulting in a solution of 1% hydrogen peroxide).

Using Aurora+

1. Twist the lid to release the magnets and slide it off. Place a cotton pad inside each desired seed pod.

2. Place your seed on top of the cotton pad with the enclosed tweezers and put a second pad on top of the seed.

3. Hydrate the pods using the included pipette. Gently press down on the top cotton pad and put the lid back on.

4. Plug in and select the desired temperature (or pre-warm your Aurora+). Optimal hydration will vary depending on the type, size, and amount of seeds in each pod.

Exercise caution when using over 2ml per pod with cotton (1ml without cotton). The pods should never be filled to the point where liquid is spilling over the sides.

On the high setting, with 1-4 small seeds, 2ml usually lasts 24-48 hours (depending on the humidity of the room it is in). Using too much cotton can cause it to become compressed, leaving no room for air. Keep your Aurora+ on a flat, level surface, and do not move it once it is filled (especially when using liquid without a medium to absorb it). 

For best results use the cord and power supply included. Keep each pod adequately hydrated (Aurora+ is not self-watering) but never overfill. Once your seed has started a tap root, gently place it into the growing medium of your choice. The Aurora+ is only one part of a successful germination process.

Temperature Settings

Aurora+ has 2 temperatures to choose from, 82-86 F (28-30 C) and 76-80 F (24-26 C)

Flashing Green Light: Indicates the Aurora+ is on and warming to the 82-86 F (28-30 C) setting.

Solid Green Light: Indicates the Aurora+ is on and warming to the 76-80 F (24-26 C) setting.

If you desire the opposite temperature, just unplug the unit and plug it back in to toggle between settings.

Once the Aurora+ reaches the preset temperature, it will cycle off and on to maintain that temperature. The indicator light will remain on, either solid or flashing.

Stick-on rubberized feet are included to maximize thermal efficiency on any surface. Make sure the outside of your Aurora+ is clean and dry, then just stick them to the bottom in each of the 4 corners. This will protect from heat loss on surfaces like granite, marble, glass, stainless steel, or anything else that stays cool to the touch. Even wood can draw warmth out of the bottom of the unit if in contact with it.

We recommend the higher, 82-86 F setting for most seeds unless they are a type known to prefer cooler temperatures like strawberries, apples, lemons. Use of the stick on feet for the bottom of your Aurora+ is essential to prevent heat loss.

The unit will not feel warm to the touch unless your hands are cold. The average body temperature is 98.6, making it difficult to feel 76-80 or 82-86 as "warm". Every unit is tested with an infrared thermometer before shipping to our customers.