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Root Nerds

Aurora+ Seed Germination

Aurora+ Seed Germination

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Aurora+ Seed Germination

An ideal germination environment cocoons your seeds in evenly distributed heat and hydration, allowing them the ideal conditions to flourish. Certain seeds can be very expensive or require lengthy periods of incubation to germinate, leaving them vulnerable. Aurora+ is an energy-efficient, highly effective, and safe place to start your seeds. Eliminating environmental stress during this critical process can aid in yielding a strong healthy plant.

What's In The Box?

1 Aurora+

1 USB-C cord

1 USB-C wall plug (International customers will have to purchase their own plug)

1 pair of tweezers

1 pipette 

4 silicone stick-on feet for thermal efficiency

1 bag of cotton pads



Aurora+ is approximately 5.375"(13.65cm)L x 3.75"(9.525cm)W x 1"(2.54cm)H

There are 12 pods per unit, each 25mm in diameter and approximately 10mm deep

The product packaging of the Aurora+ is:

5.5"(13.97cm)L x 4"(10.16cm)W x 2.5"(6.35cm)H


1.5 amp draw 5 watts max, usbc powered. There are no batteries or internal power supply in the Aurora+. The plug (for US and Canadian customers) and cord provided are ETL-listed and compliant.


Please consult our instructions and FAQs  before purchase or use.


1-year limited manufacturer's warranty:

Never submerge in water. Never use without the protective foam piece in place above the USB port. Never get the USB port or indicator light wet. Do not open the sealed panel on the bottom. Never overfill with solution. Use caution with more than 2.0 ml per pod with cotton, and 1.0 ml without cotton. Warranty void with water damage. Warranty void if bottom panel opened. Unplug when not in use. Clean between use and before storing. Use USB-C cord and plug provided. Unplug when not in use. Do not use metal tools with the Aurora+.


***Root Nerds is not liable for any failed seed germination*** There are many factors that can influence the outcome. Proper preparation, seed storage and sanitation habits are some of the keys to success. It is your responsibility to select the proper temperature, add the correct amount of solution to keep your seeds hydrated and select the proper method based on the type of seed you are germinating. Excessive removal of the lid can lead to temperature decrease and/or accelerated evaporation of your germination solution.

PCT International Patent Application No. PCT/IB2022/053634

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Great product wish it was around years ago!!

I have been growing for 16 years but seeds have always given me bother and i’ve wasted £££ on so many varieties over the years. After buying the root nerds i germinated 27 seeds right away 1 day later everyone germinated!!

I also germinated some old cbd seeds i had they wasn’t stored the best and out off the 5 i did have 1 pull through and they must off been around 4 - 5 years old seeds!


I always had a problem germinating seeds in soil. The Aurora + Germinator has solved that issue for me in the last month.

I have a 95% germination rate so far with about 25 seeds….It has made growing plants even more enjoyable with even more success!

Seeds celebrate not being killed and tortured by now!! Thanks for creating such a simple and quality product!


Awesome product. Fun to play with.

Kris Karlson
If you struggle germinating your expensive seeds, you need this!

This device is amazing. It’s heavy-duty, durable, and most importantly, it’s effective! So far I’ve had great success germinating cannabis seeds, lemon seeds and apple seeds! Is it an expensive item? Sure, but so are your seeds, so if you’re not the greatest at getting high germination rates with your seeds, it’s an investment because this will take the guess work out of it and will give you the best odds of popping those expensive seeds you have and will pay for itself over time.

Tip: Make sure your power light is blinking - the first time you plug it in, it will be steady green; this is the lower temperature setting. Unplug and plug in again and the light will blink green. Now you’re at the higher temp setting (82.5 degrees I believe) optimal for most types of seeds.


Did not use it yet lol