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Aurora+ Expansion Pack

Aurora+ Expansion Pack

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**This listing is for the Expansion Pack only-NOT the Aurora+. Pictures including both are to illustrate its function**

Aurora+ Expansion Pack- Made of the same die cast aluminum compound with high thermal conductivity, the Expansion Pack allows you to grow 6 seedlings/clones with root plugs or rockwool cubes of your choice while germinating more seeds within the 12 pods of the Aurora+.


The Expansion Pack connects magnetically to the lid of the Aurora+(do not pick try to pick up the entire unit by the Expansion Pack) and includes a humidity dome with an adjustable vent at the top to dial in temperature and humidity.

Saturate your chosen medium (root plugs, rockwool etc) and shake them out to remove excess moisture. The medium should be saturated but not to the point that water is pooling within the Expansion Pack. Rehydrating will be necessary. If you're concerned with maintaining proper saturation, you may remove the lid of the Aurora+ before setting the Expansion Pack on top, allowing the seed pods to be utilized for excess moisture. This will allow for more flexibility regarding the amount of solution used while adding extra protection for the electronic components of your Aurora+.

Before removing the humidity dome, slide the Expansion Pack off of the Aurora+ away from the USB port to avoid any excess moisture falling on it.

The Expansion Pack is approximately 5"x3.5"x1.5". The height from the top of the Expansion Pack to the top of the humidity is approximately 4".

Included (either with your Expansion Pack or your Aurora+) is a foam sticker to provide additional protection from moisture. Ensure your Aurora+ is clean and dry. Then stick the foam piece to the area of the Aurora+ just above the USB port.

We recommend the lower (solid light 76-80) setting for the Expansion Pack as most root zones prefer temperatures below 80F whether they're seedlings or cuttings

The same 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty applies to the die cast aluminum portion of the Expansion Pack. The humidity domes will inevitably become damaged and cloudy due to light exposure. Replacement domes will be available for purchase.

1 year limited manufacturer's warranty(applies to the die cast aluminum portion of the Expansion Packs): Never use without the foam protective sticker in place above the USB port on the Aurora+. Never over saturate your medium used in the Expansion Pack to the point that liquid is pooling inside, on top of the Aurora+. Do not use metal tools. Keep clean and dry when not in use.


***Root Nerds is not liable for any failed seed germination*** There are many factors that can influence the outcome. Proper preparation, seed storage and sanitation habits are some of the keys to success. It is your responsibility to select the proper temperature, add the correct amount of fluid to keep your seeds hydrated and select the proper method based on the type of seed you are germinating. Excessive removal of the lid can lead to temperature decrease and/or accelerated evaporation of your germination solution.

PCT International Patent Application No. PCT/IB2022/053634

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Leo Wheeler
Awsome germination System kit

I got it in the mail box yesterday and started today to try it out well 👀 how it works
Will keep updating

Gabriel Rivera
Great Product!

I germinated my seeds in the Aurora and then used the expansion to grow out the roots! I have never been able to germinate seeds so fast! It’s a great product and I would highly recommend purchasing one!

Corey Carpenter
love this little thing

Awesome setup takes up very little room, but produces a lot! Awesome clone set up so far I've had 3 runs through it. And 100 % success rate. Can't argue with that. I really love how much nutes you save , compared to a water spraying method or bubble cloning method. They use more electric, more nutes cause more water. This set is simple , KISS! (Keep it simple stupid.) If mine was lost or stolen I'd buy another. But I already got two and sold the third one to a friend.. if it works, it's worth it