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Factory seconds-Aurora+ seed germinator brought to you by Root Nerds

Factory seconds-Aurora+ seed germinator brought to you by Root Nerds

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Root Nerds is a small, two person operation. Our manufacturer is just one person utilizing a local factory in South Africa. The finishing process of assembling the Aurora+ is still being refined. With our latest shipment, we came across a few units with small cosmetic imperfections that do not effect the performance or lifespan of the Aurora+. We're trying to maintain the highest standards and don't feel right charging full price. Instead of sending them back to the manufacturer, we're offering them at a discount. *Cannot be combined with other discounts.*

Some examples as pictured: Attaching the magnets caused some issues because even a single extra drop of our medical grade superglue can cause some magnets to sit slightly higher after curing, leading to a lid rock(This lot of factory seconds is mostly lid rocking). There could also be a scratches and smudges in the powder coating or even a small imperfections/pitting in the body of the unit. Most factory seconds units will have multiple instances of these examples.

We assure you that none of these purely cosmetic imperfections will impact the performance or longevity of the Aurora+. We offer the same 1 year limited manufacturers warranty.

Aurora+ seed germinator (factory seconds)

PCT International Patent Application No. PCT/IB2022/053634

Check the instructions on the back of the box and our "Instructions and Cleaning" area in the menu above before use. We recommend the higher, flashing light 82-86 setting for most seeds unless they are a type known to prefer cooler temperatures like strawberries. Use of the stick on feet for the bottom of your Aurora+ is essential to prevent heat loss. The unit will not feel warm to the touch unless your hands are cold. Average body temperature is 98.6, making it difficult to feel 76-80 or 82-86 as "warm". 

1 year limited manufacturer's warranty: Never submerge in water. Never use without the protective foam piece in place above the USB port. Never get the USB port or indicator light wet. Do not open the sealed panel on the bottom. Never over fill with solution. Use caution with more than 2.0 ml per pod with cotton, 1.0 ml without cotton. Warranty void with water damage. Warranty void if bottom panel opened. Unplug when not in use. Clean between use and before storing. Use USB-C cord and plug provided. Unplug when not in use. Do not use metal tools with the Aurora+.


***Root Nerds is not liable for any failed seed germination*** There are many factors that can influence the outcome. Proper preparation, seed storage and sanitation habits are some of the keys to success. It is your responsibility to select the proper temperature, add the correct amount of fluid to keep your seeds hydrated and select the proper method based on the type of seed you are germinating. Excessive removal of the lid can lead to temperature decrease and/or accelerated evaporation of your germination solution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This is my second one and got some extra pads for my 2nd AurorA + germination System
You gie's rock
My germination has went next level 💯👍🏻

Ryan Tavenor
This is so cool!!

I have no idea why it’s a second, QC must be off the charts. Anyway, it’s awesome!


So! Nice! I, had to buy it twice! For real though works wonders on old seeds! Can't say enough good things about it! Bought a Total of 3 , so yeah it works! Peace and love!

Spencer Creek
I can’t say enough good things about this GEM!!

If you’re reading this buy it. It works like a charm every time if you have ever struggled with popping seeds this is a for sure must have. I popped a seed that was 3 years old. They have a perfect product and am excited for the dome keep it up root nerds

Dr Weed

Corey Carpenter
Can't live without it! No joke! I, want two!

Old seeds 15+ years old, giving me a hard time! Very low success rate, wasting money!! Time invest in Aurora+ took me 5 days get 1" taproot. Doesn't sound like much. But these are old seeds, giving me problems!
Took 5 days! Fresh seeds! I've had taproot pop out of the shell less than 8 hrs. I'm sold! Really is a good investment! Much 💕