Aurora+ Milestones

The Aurora+ brings consistency to a vulnerable process, resulting in many benefits for a wide variety of seeds.

100% germination rate on 3+ year old Rocoto pepper seeds in just 14 DAYS!



Basket Asparagus in just 12 days, usually 3-4 weeks

China Doll in 12 days, usually 2-3 weeks

Monstera in 11 days, can be up to 30 days

Fire Flash Plant in 9 days, usually 2-4 weeks

Bird of Paradise in 21 days, usually 2-3 MONTHS



C* seed popped open in just 3 hours!



15+ year old, improperly stored c* seeds germinated with ease, 17 out of 20 successful



Red Sun Sunflower overnight, usually 1-2 WEEKS

Mexican Fire Weed overnight, usually 10-14 days

Goji Berry in 3 days, can be up to 15 days

White Sage in 2 days, usually 2-3 WEEKS

Tomato seeds 12 hours

Cucumber seeds overnight, usually 7-10 days

Mulberry seeds (after cold stratification in the fridge)

Lemon Grass seeds

Mexican Palms seeds

Coastal Oak seeds



Lemon seed in 6 days, usually 2-3 WEEKS

-Kris @ crop_culture_box


Watermelon seeds in 48 hours, usually 10-14 days



Grapefruit seeds in 24 hours, usually 2-3 WEEKS



China Jade Cucumber seeds in 48 hours, usually 1-2 WEEKS

Kabouli Black Garbanzos in 8 days

Dar Cucumber, Boston Pickling Cucumber, Marketmore 76 Cucumber, Golden Zucchini, Golden Beets, Yod Fa Broccoli, Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli, Purple Bok Choi, Black Tail Watermelon, Katanya Watermelon, Sweet Passion Melon(Cantaloupe), Tokinashi turnips, Chijimisai Greens